January 24 – 27, 2020 News Release


On the 24th of January just before noon, a 44 year old male entered the “Change Health Care” clinic on King St. West.  The male was observed by staff on camera remove a handgun and place it on the counter.  The male then covered his face using a balaclava.  The staff member immediately closed a security screen at the counter and contacted police.  Officers were in the area and responded as the call came in.  The male was stopped as he left the business and arrested.  The handgun was an air pistol, similar in appearance to what the officers would be carrying.  Three pistols in total were located on the male.  Two more were later located in his back pack.  He was been charged with 1) adult disguise with intent 2) imitation firearm – used while attempting to commit offence 3) possession of an imitation weapon for a dangerous purpose 4) possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine 5) fail to comply with probation 6) robbery with a weapon.


Assault with a weapon

A 23 year old female has been charged with assault with a weapon after the male victim contacted police to report the incident on the 24th of January at 9:30 p.m.  The incident occurred in the city’s south end.  The couple had engaged in an argument which led to the female throwing a kitchen knife at the male striking him in the back.  The male was hit with the blunt end of the knife.