January 3, 2017 Incidents

Domestic Assault Arrest

The accused in a domestic assault on New Years day was arrested yesterday at a north end restaurant.  On the 1st at 2:48 am, Brockville Police attended a south end apartment building to speak to the victim.  She had been pushed to the floor of her residence and pinned down, then punched.  On the night in question, the accused was no longer in the area.  Police received information that the male accused, 37 year of age, had reported for work at the eatery mentioned.  He was arrested and charged for assault and taken to Brockville Police headquarters.  The man was held in custody for a bail hearing yesterday.  The victim did not require medical attention.


Mental Health

Threatening to hurt herself, a 22 year old woman was apprehended at a local residence after police were notified.  Brockville Police officers arrived at the residence on the 3rd around 2:30 pm.  The young woman had already reportedly stood on the railway tracks for a period of time and then mentioned jumping into traffic. She returned to the residence while police were on route to the call.  Officers escorted the subject to local hospital and left her in the care of medical staff for appropriate intervention.


Operation Doorknock

Two local males face charges as a result of being away from their residence while facing court ordered curfews.

“OPERATION DOORKNOCK”, requires certain individuals, charged with criminal offences, to appear at the door of their residence when police attend.  Brockville Police attended multiple homes in the city during early evening hours on January 3rd.  While at two of these homes, the subjects facing a curfew failed to attend their doors when officers arrived.  When dealt with, Brockville Police will release more details.


Impaired Driving

A local, 20 year old man, faces charges of driving while impaired by a drug as a result of a parking complaint.  Brockville Police received a complaint of a man refusing to move his vehicle at the Brockville General hospital.  Officers arrived just before 11:00 pm., last night to speak with him.  The young man was showing signs of recent drug use and was taken to the Prescott OPP area to be evaluated by a drug recognition officer.  That officer determined the subject’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by a drug.  Brockville Police returned the man to the hospital after a demand was made for his blood.  He was released with a future court date and the blood samples were sent to the Ontario center of forensic sciences for testing.  The penalties for a conviction are the same for drugs or alcohol.