January 9, 2017 Incidents

Grow Op

A functioning carbon monoxide detector, led Brockville Police and the Brockville Fire Department to an active marijuana grow operation.  On January 7th at approximately 11:00 am, police and fire responded to the residence to check on the alarm at a south end residence.  Officers dicovered a fairly sophisticated set up and seized a quantity of plants.  A local, 25 year old woman, has been arrested and charged with production of a controlled substance.


Wanted Male Arrested

A local, 20 year old man has been arrested after assaulting his mother on January 8th.

In a previous media release, Brockville Police spoke to the assault in which the young man grabbed his mother by the throat while holding a pair of scissors.  Brockville Police received information yesterday that indicated the man’s whereabouts.  Officers attended the central area housing complex around 4:40 pm. and arrested him for assault with a weapon, mischief and breaching his probation order.  He was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Damage to Residence Leads to Mischief Charges

After a dispute with his mother, a local man caused damage to her residence.  Brockville Police attended the south end home and observed the young man still damaging property while they were present.  The 21 year old was asked to settle down and he complied. Officers noted damage to an entry door as well as a cabinet.  At approximately 8:00 am., officers arrested the man for mischief as well as failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking and a recognizance for charges still before the courts.  He was held in custody for a bail hearing yesterday.  That appearance resulted in his matters being put over to todays’ bail court.


Mental Health

Making comments to hurt himself resulted in friends contacting police to obtain help for a local, 40 year old man.  Brockville Police attended his residence on the 9th about 7:00 pm.  After speaking with the man, it was decided that the local hospital was the course of action.  Officers escorted the man to be seen by appropriate medical staff.


Traffic Note

Members of the Community should get any driving errands in this morning.  The forecast calls for snow to begin around midday with four inches possible.  Because of the temperatures, the snow will be heavy with lots of moisture.