July 1 – 2, 2017 Incidents

Busy holiday weekend.  Officers busy on the beat and the water ways this weekend.

Overnight on Friday officers dealt with disputes and intoxication.

A friendly party turned into a dispute between friends on Friday and resulted in one male being held for Bail for assault with a weapon, weapons dangerous and breach of previous conditions.  Too much alcohol for two other males resulted in a stay at the police station until they were sober and their safety was no longer a concern.


Saturday was another busy night with five parties arrested and two that were held in custody for bail.  One party was arrested for a breach of conditons – for being with a person that they were not to associate with.  An altercation outside a local establishment landed a party in custody for the night for causing a disturbance and having a weapon.  Liquor and by-law tickets were issued to others.  Large crowds for both the boat races and concerts.

Just a quick warning for boaters to be careful of debris in the water.