July 1 – 5, 2016 Incidents

Stranger in Residence

On July 1st at 6:42 am, Brockville Police responded to an unwanted person call at a south end residence.

The homeowner awoke to loud sounds coming from his kitchen.  He observed a young man, unknown to him, standing in the residence and refusing to leave. A minor shoving match took place.

Officers arrested the local 22 year old for being unlawfully in a residence. He was under the influence of alcohol.  Later in the day, he was released on conditions and given a future court date.

There were no injuries or damage as a result of the incident.


Arrest on Warrant

On July 1st at 9:03 pm, Brockville Police observed a local 42 year old man wanted for theft from April of this year. Officers noted the man walking on King Street West.  An investigation at that time, revealed the subject pawned rings that had been reported stolen.  The accused was released on conditions with a future court date.


Domestic Breaches

On July 1st at 11:47 pm, Brockville Police Officers stopped a vehicle on King Street West. The 23 year old, male driver, was on conditions of release not to communicate with the female registered owner. She was a passenger and also on probation not to communicate with him.

The local man was arrested and charged with breaching his released conditions. He was held in custody for a bail hearing yesterday.  The local, 27 year old female, was charged with breaching her probation order and released with a new court date.


Intoxicated Man

On July 2nd at 12:41 am, Brockville Police observed a man outside a King Street bar who was causing problems and would not leave the area on request.  The local 30 year old was arrested for public intoxication.  He was released later in the day when sober and issued a fine.


Neighbor Dispute

On July 2nd at 12:08 pm, Brockville Police attended a neighbor dispute at a south end apartment complex.  A local 65 year old woman had been having issues with a male neighbor, 77 years of age.

While outside the building, he approached her and grabbed her arm and back of her neck. He also threatened to stab her but had no weapon at the time.  Officers arrested the accused for assault and uttering a death threat.  He was held in custody for bail court.

The victim suffered minor injuries and did not require medical attention.


Domestic Charges

On July 2nd at 3:11 pm, Brockville Police took a complaint from a local 18 year old female in regards to assaults at the hands of her boyfriend.  The local 24 year old man was being sought for several counts of assault as a result.

On July 4th, the accused turned himself into Police. He was arrested for the assaults and held for a bail hearing. Officers learned there may have been further incidents in other Police jurisdictions. These other Police agencies were advised.

The victim suffered minor injuries as a result of the events.


Boating Warrant

On July 2nd at 6:06 pm, Officers on the Brockville Police Marine Unit checked out a boat and its occupants on the river.

A local 42 year old man was found to have a warrant in place for his arrest by the Ottawa Police Service.  He was arrested on the warrant and held in custody until their Officers attended returned him to their city.


Intoxicated Man

On July 2nd at 9:32 pm, Brockville Police attended Blockhouse Island after a local 64 year old man refused to leave the area when requested.

The intoxicated subject had attended the island for an event and was causing problems.  Security, hired for the event, could not get the man to cooperate.  Officers arrested and charged the man with public intoxication.

He was released the next morning when sober and issued a fine.


Impaired Driver

On July 3rd at 2:06 am, Brockville Police stopped a vehicle in the south end of the city.

While Officers were conversing with the driver, alcohol was detected on her breath.  She was arrested for impaired driving and provided two samples of her breath which both exceeded the legal limit.  The 46 year old, Toronto resident, was also charged with being over the legal limit.

The vehicle was towed, her licence suspended for 90 days and a future court date was given when released later that day.


Family Dispute

On July 3rd at 3:19 am, Brockville Police attended a family dispute at a south end residence.

The complaint came in as a mother having problems with her 16 year old son. Officers however, found mom to be the issue and believed problems would escalate if they did not take some action.  The 43 year old female would not settle down and was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.  She was released without charges later in the day.


Disturb the Peace

On July 3rd at 8:51 pm, Brockville Police dealt with a local 57 year old man on Court House Avenue.  The subject was yelling and drawing attention to himself. He would not quiet down on request.  The intoxicated male was arrested and charged with causing a disturbance by being drunk.  He was released when sober with a future court date.


Neighbor Dispute

On July 4th at 9:41 am, Brockville Police attended a south end apartment building for a neighbor dispute.

A local 52 year old female was causing problems for one of her neighbors and then threatened her wellbeing after finding out she contacted Police.  Officers arrested the woman for mischief in relation to interfering with someone enjoying their property and uttering a threat.  She was released when sober on conditions and given a future court date.


False Fire Alarms and Mischief

On July 5th at 12:28 am, Brockville Police, along with the Fire Department, responded to false fire alarms being pulled at north end apartment buildings.

At 12:49 am, Officers checked out three males walking on north end streets after reports of solar lights being busted at different homes in the area.  Investigation led to the arrest of one local man, 22 years of age.  Police were able to determine he was responsible for both the fire alarms being pulled and the solar light mischiefs.  He was charged with causing false fire alarms and mischief.

This morning, Police have taken several more complaints of property damage from north end residents.  If you suffered damage to your outdoor lighting or anything similar, please contact us right away. (613) 342-0127 Ext. ‘0’