July 12 – 13, 2018 Incidents


On July 12th at 12:21 pm, a 24 year old male was arrested for fraud and his outstanding warrant. The male was attempting to cash a fraudulent cheque at a bank on Parkedale Ave. The staff alerted police who attended the bank. The male is well known to police and they were aware that he had a warrant for his arrest. The male was arrested and held in custody pending a bail hearing.



Officers conducted a RIDE program on July 12th beginning at 5:00 pm. The first vehicle they observed was being operated by Andrew Beauregard, 41 years. The male was known to both officers working the RIDE program. The male being on a criminal code driving prohibition, attempts to flee the area and leaves the vehicle abandoned. He is quickly located by one of the officers at the rear of one of the residences. He is arrested and searched leading to the discovery of a quantity of drugs. His borrowed vehicle was impounded for 45 days and he has been held in custody for a bail hearing.