July 17th Incidents

Breach of Conditions

On July 17 at approximately 12:30 pm, Brockville Police responded to an apartment complex in the north end of the city for a complaint of breaching release conditions.

The complainant, a local, 28 year old, female, indicated to Police that her ex partner had been communicating with her in contravention of his conditions from outstanding charges.

The local, 29 year old male, is now being sought by Police and faces two charges of breaching his undertaking.


Domestic Dispute

On July 17th at approximately 4:30 pm, Brockville Police responded to a domestic dispute on the sidewalk in the King St. West area.

Police spoke with a 19 year old female, who was now in her apartment on King St. She indicated her boyfriend had damaged her apartment door and threatened her. He had already left the area prior to Police arrival.

Several minutes later, the local, 41 year old was located on King St.   He resisted arrest and force was required to take him into custody. The male was held for a bail hearing today and faces charges of resist arrest, mischief and uttering threats.


RIDE Program

On July 17th at approximately 11:00 pm, Brockville Police conducted a RIDE program for several hours on various city roadways.

Approximately 200 vehicle stops were conducted with two persons providing breath samples into a roadside screening device to ensure they could continue driving.

No drinking and driving charges were laid. Two motorists received fines for traffic offences and one local, 22 year old male, was warned for possessing a small amount of marijuana.