July 2 – 3, 2017 Incidents


Brockville Police responded to a residence in the Center area of the City in response to a small fire in a residence. It was reported at approximatley 4:15 pm on the 2nd of July, 2017. It was noted to be a small fire as a result of burnt food. There was no damage to the residence. While officers were there, the 58 year old home owner was displaying erratic behaviour that raised concerns for his mental health. The male was not apprehended at the time, however, was refered to the proper mental health programs to assist him.


Mental Health

On the 2nd of July, 2017, at approximately 7:15pm, the Brockville Police Service responded to a report of a 22 year old female, suffering from suicidal thoughts. Officers spoke to the young female and her family. It was learned that the female had been making comments and had thoughts of ending her life. She was apprehended by officers and transported to the Brockville General Hospital for a form 1 assessment.