July 20 – 21, 2017 Incidents

RIDE Checks

Officers from the Brockville Police Service conducted RIDE Checks at various locations throughout the city last evening between 7pm and 11pm. One hundred and twenty vehicles were stopped during this time resulting in two roadside tests being administered. Of the roadside tests, one driver registered warning which resulted in a three day suspension from driving.

In addition to the roadside tests, five motorists were warned with various Highway Traffic Act infractions including a burned out headlight, not wearing a seatbelt and not having a front license plate. Additionally two drivers were warned for Liquor License Act infractions for possessing alcohol under the age of 19.


Kijiji Fraud

A Convay Crescent resident attended to the Brockville Police headquarters late yesterday afternoon to report that he has had 2 people show up at his residence in response to a Kijiji ad saying his house was for rent. He has lived in the residence for some time and he did not place the ad nor is his residence for rent.

At present he is not aware of anyone being victimized by this scam but wanted the incident reported to police in the event there are potential victims. The incident has been reported to Kijiji as a fraudulent ad who will take the ad down.