July 21, 2019 Incident


On the 21st of July at 12:33 a.m. police responded to a fight call at the Tim Horton’s Restaurant on William St.  The investigation has led to three adults facing charges for various offences.  The 21 year old victim was assaulted by three males after a dispute.  All parties were known to each other.  The suspects had left the area prior to police arrival.  Two males, both 21 years of age were arrested later that morning and charged with assault and assault with a weapon.  The one male had used a baseball bat to strike the victim in the chest.  The second male then grabbed the bat and hit the victim in the leg. They were released from custody with a future court and conditions not to associate with each other.  At 8:30 p.m. on the 21st of July the two males were observed by police walking together on King St. West.  One male was arrested for failing to comply with his bail condition.  The second male was not located as he fled while officers were dealing with the one suspect.  The one male was then held in custody.  The second male is still outstanding.

The third male, 19 years of age, who had started the altercation by striking the victim in the face is still outstanding.