July 22 – 26, 2016 Incidents

Assist With Warrant

On July 22nd at 9:56 am, a local 40 year old man was due to attend court in Brockville.

The local OPP held a warrant for the subject for charges of their own. He was arrested by Brockville Police on the strength of their warrant and then held until they took custody of the party.

Brockville Police are unaware of his fate following the exchange.


Bail Violation

On July 22nd at 10:15 am, Brockville Police court staff arrested a Kemptville area man at court.

The 29 year old, had failed to attend for fingerprints as a result of outstanding charges. He was released shortly afterwards with a future court date on the new charge.


Breach of Recognizance

On July 22nd at 1:49 pm, Brockville Police took a complaint involving a local 24 year old man breaching release conditions of his recognizance.

On July 15th, he was released on conditions for numerous assaults, weapons charges and distributing intimate images. The conditions included a curfew and not to possess a cell phone unless monitored by his mother.

Police received evidence that on July 21st, the accused posted pictures of himself on snapchat that did not take place in his residence and were in violation of his curfew. His mother was unaware of the photos.

Officers notified the accused of the breach allegations and he indicated he would turn himself into Police. As of the time of this report, he has not spoken to us.



On July 22nd at 2:21 pm, Brockville Police took a theft complaint from Walmart on Parkedale Avenue West. The store had a generator and a kitchen mixer stolen, valued between $800-$900.

Investigation revealed the suspect to be a 27 year old man from the Kemptville area. Efforts are being made to locate the accused for his possible involvement as well as a 24 year old female accomplice from the Prescott area.

The investigation continues.


Unwanted Person

On July 22nd at 3:34 pm, Brockville Police received a complaint of an unwanted male at Loaves and Fishes on Front Avenue.

The local 55 year old was causing problems for staff and other patrons. He was released when sober without charges but will not be permitted to return to the premises.


Domestic Assaults

On July 23rd, shortly after midnight, Brockville Police began investigating domestic assaults, carried out by both parties in a troubled relationship.

The local couple, a 44 year old man and his 20 year old spouse, had incidents in March, May and July of this year. In March, the female punched the male in the eye and in May, she threw a glass of water at the man and narrowly missed his head.

On Friday evening, the 22nd, they had a verbal argument which resulted in her being thrown onto a couch, followed by her smashing his cell phone.

On Saturday, the 23rd, both parties were arrested. The man was charged with assault and the woman charged with assault, assault with a weapon and mischief. They were released from custody on conditions with a future court date. Neither party complained of any injuries during these incidents.


Unwanted Person

On July 23rd at 5:40 am, Brockville Police attended a residence in the center of the city for an unwanted male.

A local 32 year old forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s residence via the back door and caused damage in the process. He then confronted her as she awoke and a verbal dispute started. The man started throwing things around the house and hid the victim’s cell phone so she could not call Police. Eventually she got control of his cell phone and contact was made.

The male was gone when Officers arrived. Police are now looking for the accused. He faces charges of forcible entry and breaching conditions of his probation order.


Theft of Boat

On July 23rd at 2:04 pm, Brockville Police attended the Brockville Yacht Club for a theft complaint.

Overnight, unknown culprit(s) took a white, 10 foot dingy with a Nissan outboard from the docks.

The investigation continues into suspects.


Domestic Mischief

On July 23rd at 2:49 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a north end apartment complex.

A local 22 year old man and his 18 year old girlfriend began arguing and in his anger, the male threw a chair, putting a hole in one of the walls.

Officers attended and the male was arrested and charged with mischief. He was released later in the day with a future court date and conditions to abide by.


Missing Person

On July 23rd at 5:02 pm, Brockville Police attended an apartment building in the center of the city for a missing person report.

The family of a local 56 year old man reported the male had went for a walk and had not returned when expected. He has a history of memory issues. Shortly afterwards, his daughter reported finding her Dad on Water Street. Officers attended and escorted the man to hospital for appropriate care. He was fine physically.


Passed Out Female

On July 24th at 12:20 am, Brockville Police came across a young woman passed out on a bench on King Street West.

The local 24 year old was intoxicated and in no condition to look after herself. She was arrested for public intoxication and taken to Police headquarters. She was released later with a fine after friends came to the station trying to locate her.


Arrested on Warrant

On July 24th at 8:19 am, Brockville Police attended a south end residence for a report of a domestic dispute.

Officers spoke to the residents and could find no evidence of a problem. The 39 year old female resident however had warrants out for her arrest. In 2015, she had been charged with possession of a controlled substance and obstructing Police. She also failed to show up for her fingerprints at that time. She was arrested for the warrants and taken into custody.

Later the same day, she was released on conditions and given a future court date.


Missing Man

On July 24th at 12:00 pm, a 62 year old man walked into the Brockville Police Service indicating he had been living in the woods for the past five days.

Police obtained his identity, then discovered he had been reported missing to the Northumberland OPP on July 22nd. There were obvious memory issues and the man was taken to hospital to be checked out.

His family attended from the Coburg area.


Theft From Vehicle

On July 24th at 12:39 pm, Brockville Police took a theft from vehicle complaint at St. Lawrence Park.

Sometime between 8:00 am and noon, several thousand dollars worth of scuba gear was removed from the locked vehicle. Also taken was a woman’s purse, a Bose speaker and a cell phone.

The investigation is ongoing. The vehicle was locked at the time.


On July 24th at 2:03 pm, Brockville Police took a theft from vehicle complaint at an apartment complex in the center area of the city.

A quantity of tools and electronic equipment were removed overnight worth several thousand dollars.

The vehicle was secured when parked.


On July 24th at 2:11 pm, Brockville Police took a theft from vehicle complaint at a north end residence.

The unlocked car was entered overnight and approx. $15.00 in change was taken.


Mental Health

On July 24th at 8:23 pm, Brockville Police received a request to check on a male in his north end residence.

Police discovered the man, intoxicated, and needing some type of intervention. He was taken to Police headquarters to sober up then escorted to hospital for treatment of mental health issues.


Breach of Probation

On July 25th at 4:57 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end residence after a complaint of a loud drinking party.

Police spoke with a local 38 year old female who had been drinking and was on a probation order with conditions. One of the conditions stated she could not consume alcohol outside of her residence. The residence Officers attended was not her own.

She was arrested and charged with breaching her probation order. When sober, she was released with a future court date.


Attempt Suicide

On July 25th at 6:37 pm, Brockville Police attended an accident between a motorist and a pedestrian on a south end street.

Investigation revealed a young woman threw herself in front of the vehicle after a dispute with her boyfriend. The local 17 year old was not injured as the vehicle was travelling very slowly.

The young woman was taken to hospital to obtain assistance from mental health professionals.


Family Dispute

On July 25th at 8:09 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end street for a family dispute.

A local 28 year old female was assaulted by her 30 year old brother who resides in the Kemptville area. She was struck and shoved to the ground. She sustained minor injuries requiring no treatment.

Her brother had left the area prior to arrival of Officers. He is now wanted for the assault and will be charged when located.


Wedding Plans Cancelled

On July 26th at 2:41 am, Brockville Police attended the Metro parking lot on King Street West to check on a female and her strange behavior.

The local 29 year old was in the process of setting her wedding dress on fire after a recent breakup with her boyfriend. Officers gave advice to the young woman and after being satisfied in regards to her mental health, she was escorted to her residence.

No charges applied to the incident.


On Land and Sea

Brockville Police conducted two separate RIDE programs on the weekend.

The first took place in the early evening hours Friday and the second was conducted on the water Saturday afternoon. Drivers of both boats and vehicles were spoken to and their alcohol consumption checked out. No impaired drivers came to their attention.

One local 25 year old man registered a “warn” on a roadside device and had his licence suspended for 72 hours.