July 25 – 26, 2017 Incidents

Lottery Scam

A Brockville senior is a victim in the latest lottery scam to target the area.

The victim attended the Brockville Police station yesterday afternoon to report he had been asked on a couple of occasions to send money to a bank account in British Columbia to claim his lottery winnings. He became suspicious after the latest request for transfer of funds and sought assistance from police. No prize was ever received and the victim has lost the money he has already transferred.

Scammers frequently come up with new and inventive ways to prey on potential victims. They will often use the names of real companies or lotteries to convince potential victims the lottery is legitimate. However, known lottery and sweepstakes companies would never request money upfront to claim lottery winnings. You never have to “pay to play”.


Breach of Bail Conditions

A 49 year old Brockville man was arrested early yesterday afternoon at Brockville court when he attempted to speak with his victim while leaving the court room.

The man was originally arrested last summer in a joint Leeds OPP and Brockville Police Service investigation which is currently before the courts. As part of his release conditions, he was to have no communication with the victim and a number of witnesses. On Tuesday, while in court at his trial for these offences he attempted to speak with the victim as they left the court room.

As a result, the man will face an additional charge of breaching his release conditions.