June 1 – 2, 2017 Incidents

Assaulting Police Charges

A 51 year old Brockville man is facing charges of Mischief, Uttering Threats, Assault and Assaulting a Peace officer as a result of a disturbance at a downtown apartment yesterday afternoon.

Just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon officers were called to the King Street East building, after the building’s landlord became afraid for her safety from one of her tenants when asking him for the monthly rent money. On arrival, officers learned the man became enraged after being asked for his rent, yelling and swearing at the woman, ripping pictures off the wall and throwing pictures and books at the landlord.

After speaking with the victim, police attended to his apartment in attempt to get his version of the events. When the man answered the door he continued to yell and swear at the officers, threatening them before throwing a water bottle at one of the officers striking him in the face and cutting the officer.

The man was subsequently taken into custody and held overnight and will appear at a bail hearing later today.


Public Intoxication

Two males were taken into custody yesterday after officers became concerned for their well-being because of their level of intoxication.

At 8:55 a.m. Brockville Police were contacted by the colleagues from the OPP of a man walking near the 401 on Stewart Blvd who was well under the influence of alcohol.

When officers were able to stop the male he was unable to care for himself and were very concerned he would fall into traffic. As a result he was conveyed to the Brockville Police Service and released later in the day with a Provincial Offences Notice for public intoxication when he was sober.

Approximately 12:20 p.m. yesterday afternoon Brockville Police were called to the area of Pearl and William Streets after a citizen was concerned for the well-being of a 57 year old man behind a garbage dumpster. When police arrived they located the man who was well under the influence of alcohol and unable to care for himself at the time.

As a result he too, was arrested for public intoxication and conveyed to Brockville Police Headquarters and held until sober, when he was released with a Provincial Offences Notice.


Marine Rescue

Marine Units from both the Brockville Police Service and the OPP assisted some stranded campers returning to shore from Black Charlie Island late last evening.

At 11:45 pm Brockville Police received a call from a 16 year old youth who advised police he and his friends were camping out on Black Charlie Island. He had made the first trip to the island and had dropped off four of his friends and while enroute back to shore to get more of his friends, they struck something in the water damaging his prop and making his motor inoperable. They managed to make it back to shore by paddling but he was concerned about his friends still on the island.

After not hearing from the 16 year old, his friends on the island contacted the OPP, to report they were stranded on the island and looking for assistance. As a result, the Brockville Police Marine unit and a Unit for the OPP attended to Black Charlie Island and retrieved all the stranded campers and their equipment and brought them back to shore safely.

Brockville Police would like to remind boaters of the dangers of debris in the river with the high water levels. The danger increases when boats are travelling at higher rates of speed and especially at night. If you are on the water, please use caution.