June 14 – 15, 2017 Incidents

Social Media Reports of Overdose Death are False

Yesterday morning the Brockville Police Service received a phone call regarding a Facebook post stating a 39 year old man and his 34 year old girlfriend had suffered an overdose from an illicit street drug. The couple were allegedly conveyed to the Brockville General Hospital where the man was rumoured to have succumbed to the overdose.

The Brockville Police Service can confirm those reports are false. Officers were able to locate both persons yesterday and speak with them. Both the male and female were in good health and had no idea where the reports originated from.


Theft from Downtown Shop

Police are looking for a 32 year old Brockville man in relation to a theft of a Mygica PC with Windows 10 from a downtown store yesterday afternoon. Just after 3 p.m. officers attended to the Alternative Cash store located at 45 King St East, Brockville after the owner noticed the computer missing from the store

The man, who is known to police and staff in the store, is observed selecting the computer and leaving the store on the store security camera making no attempt to pay for the merchandise.

The computer has not been recovered.


Loud Party at Tunnel Bay

At approximately 9:30 p.m. last evening Brockville Police received a couple of phone calls of a loud party going on at one of the boats moored in Tunnel Bay. Callers stated those on board had been drinking at the time and were concerned the boat occupants were going to try and operate the boat and leave the harbor.

When police arrived the party noise had calmed. All parties had settled for the night and the boat remained docked in the harbor.

Brockville Police would like to remind boaters that consuming on boats is only permitted when the boat is docked or anchored and the vessel must have living facilities such as rest rooms and sleeping quarters. As well, operating a vessel while impaired by alcohol carries the same penalties as operating a motor vehicle.