June 17 – 19, 2016 Incidents

Community Service / Mental Health

On June 17th at 3:03 pm, Brockville Police attended Social Services of Leeds and Grenville on Central Avenue. A local 39 year old female was giving staff a hard time and was in obvious crisis.

Police apprehended the female and conveyed her to hospital for appropriate care. She was left in the company of mental health workers.


Fraud / Scam

On June 17th at 3:13 pm, Brockville Police began looking into a fraud in which a local 62 year old female was victimized.

She received a phone call indicating her son had been in an accident and the Police needed money to release him. The instructions were to attend EB Games and obtain $3,600.00 in gift cards, reveal the serial number on the back of the cards and forward this information through Western Union.

Again, there is no agency that would ever make this request of someone for legitimate reasons. We cannot stress enough to the Community to be cognizant of these scams. There are still folks falling victim on a weekly basis.



On June 17th in the evening hours, Brockville Police along with The Health Unit, Brockville Fire and Liquor Inspectors made a tour of local drinking establishments. These checks are a joint operation, conducted to ensure compliance with different codes and laws. There were no specific issues identified during the operation on Friday evening.


Public Intoxication

On June 18th at 1:24 am, Brockville Police dealt with a man on King Street West who was intoxicated and in need of some intervention.

The local 25 year old was arrested and charged with being intoxicated in a public place. He was released later in the day when sober and issued a fine.


Break / Enter / Possible Theft

On June 18th at 3:03 am, Brockville Police attended the Hydro One lot on Front Avenue in regards to a break and enter.

Security had observed an unknown male in the yard of the facility carrying a chainsaw. Police surrounded the area but located no one. A hole was discovered which had been cut in the chain link fence around the property.

The investigation continues and Police are awaiting an inventory check from employees there.


Shoplifting Stroller

On June 18th at 5:32 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end department store in regards to a woman shoplifting.

The local 39 year old was caught stuffing items in the stroller she was pushing which contained a child. The items were recovered, the offender was released at the scene and given paperwork for a future court date.


Weapon Charge

On June 18th at 7:36 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end residence after a knife was produced during an altercation.

A local man decided to scare another family member by setting off the car alarm while she walked past its parking spot. Another young male who was walking by felt the action was directed at him and confronted the man with the key fob. The local 17 year old produced a pocket knife which was open and in his hand as the two exchanged words.

He left the area and was located by Police a short distance away. He threw the knife in a bushy area when seeing Officers. After admitting to his actions, he assisted Officers trying to find the knife but to no avail. Police took the young man home and had a conversation with he and his father.

All parties agreed, the best form of action was to have the youth take part in a diversion program where in exchange for charges, he would participate in a program to help him deal with the choices he made. Charges are still an option until the program is completed.


Domestic Assault / Bail Violation

On June 19th at 12:44 am, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a north end apartment complex.

A local 19 year old man indicated he had been slapped and punched by his 20 year old girlfriend. Officers arrested the woman for assault and also for breaching conditions of a prior release document. Turns out, she had assaulted another boyfriend in the recent past and was awaiting a court date to deal with those charges. Now, after two incidents of domestic assault and the breaches, she was held in custody and will appear in bail court.


Mental Health Issues

On June 19th at 9:10 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end residence to check on a local, 66 year old man.

Information had been received the subject had not been taking prescribed medication. Due to mental health concerns, Officers conveyed the man to hospital for appropriate attention.


Mental Health / Suicide Attempt

On June 19th at 9:35 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end apartment complex after reports of a female wanting to jump off the roof.

A local 22 year old had an argument with her boyfriend and became distraught. She attended the rooftop of the building and was threatening to jump. Officers were unable to talk her down but managed to position themselves in a manner that they were able to grab her. Police also noted fresh self-inflicted cuts to her forearms. She was conveyed to hospital for appropriate care.