June 23 – 24, 2016 Incidents

Mental Health

On June 23rd at 2:04 pm. Brockville Police responded to a center area apartment complex to check out some strange behaviour.

A local 48 year old male was sitting at a picnic table on the grounds of the building.  Trouble was, he didn’t have any clothes on.  While Officers spoke to him, it became obvious he was in need of attention in regards to his mental health.

He was conveyed to local hospital for appropriate care.


Failing to Attend Court / Warrant

On June 6th, a local 44 year old man failed to attend for a required court date.

At that time a warrant was issued for his arrest.  On June 23rd, Officers on patrol during dayshift observed the same male walking southbound on Stewart Blvd.  He was arrested and charged with failing to attend court.

A new court date was issued when the subject was released from custody.



On June 23rd at 8:47 pm, Brockville Police took a complaint of a fraud in relation to cab fare.

A local couple, a 41 year old female and a 40 year old male, took the cab from Kingston to Brockville and did not have the funds to pay for the service provided.  Both parties were arrested and charged with fare fraud and given a future court date.



On June 24th at 12:24 am., Brockville Police attended an abandoned business on King Street West.

Officers had observed a younger male and a female on the roof.  The female took off on foot but the 20 year old is known to Police.  The other party was a 15 year old youth who was escorted home to his parents.

Officers are still looking into the incident and to make contact with the woman involved.  Officers did receive information of a third male who was running around in the area.