June 26 – 27, 2018 Incidents

Stolen Vehicle

A $135,000 Audi R7 was reported stolen yesterday from a residence in Brockville. That vehicle was later recovered on Kensington Parkway.

The owner’s wallet was also taken at the time of the vehicle theft.

In the course of the officers investigation it was learned that the complainant’s credit card was used by the suspect at the LCBO and Circle K convenience store on King St. The suspect was captured on CCTV footage and identified by officers.

At 2:00 am this morning police were dispatched to William St. for an intoxicated male. The intoxicated male was the suspect that was identified from the CCTV footage. The 35 year old male was arrested for the fraud and has now also been charged with the theft of the vehicle. He has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.