June 3 – 5, 2016 Incidents

Community Service

On June 3rd at 10:33 am, Brockville Police attended the Brockville Shopping Center to speak with a man wanting to hurt others.

The local, 40 year old, had informed his mental health worker, he felt like hurting people but no one in particular. Officers escorted the man to hospital to get the help he needed.


Domestic Dispute

On June 3rd at 1:48 pm, Brockville Police dealt with a local couple and their domestic problems. A 32 year old female complained of assault by her 22 year old boyfriend.

They had an argument that turned physical, in which the female was tossed into a piece of furniture. Her boyfriend also damaged her cellphone. Officers located the young man at his mother’s place and arrested him for assault and mischief. He was held in custody and will appear in bail court. The victim suffered minor injuries during the incident and did not require medical attention.

While in cells at the Brockville Police station, the male tried harm himself, attempting to tie an item around his neck and the cell bars. Officers intervened before he had an opportunity to do anything.


Community Service

On June 4th at 10:28 am, Brockville Police attended the Brockville General Hospital to obtain information on a local, 27 year old male, who had walked out of the emergency unit. The young man was originally admitted for excessive alcohol consumption.

Shortly afterwards, Police received a call from CN Police indicating a man matching the same description was on the tracks and jumped out of the way of a train at the last second.

At 4:24 pm, Officers received a call from the male indicating he would meet them outside a north end apartment building. In the meantime, Brockville Police received lots of help from their social media posts when requests made from the public for assistance.

Officers spoke to the man and he indicated the train incident was a suicide attempt as well earlier in the day, trying to hang himself. He was taken back to hospital to obtain the help he needed.


Community Service

On June 5th at 2:31 pm, Brockville Police attended a residence in the center of town to check on a female teen threatening to hurt herself.

A local, 16 year old, was trying to take pills but her boyfriend was intervening and preventing her from swallowing medication. Officers escorted the teen to hospital for appropriate care.