June 8 – 9, 2018 Incidents

Suspicious Vehicle

Just after 7 am on the 8th of June in the south west end of the downtown area officers responded to a call of a vehicle and occupants acting strangely. On arrival the vehicles plates didn’t match from front to back and one was reported as stolen. Further investigation revealed that the male driver was prohibited from driving and was on a release of bail for existing charges. Both occupants were arrested for possession of stolen property. The 36 year old female was released with a future court date. The 51 year old male was held for a bail hearing.


Warrant for Arrest

While on foot patrol in Hardy Park of the afternoon of June 8th our very own Cst. Mark Heffernan observed a 53 year old female walking in the area that he knew had a warrant for her arrest. With a simple radio call he had support arrive and the arrest was made without incident. The woman was remanded into custody pending a bail hearing for Monday morning.


Impaired Driver

At 3 am on the 9th of June officers stopped a motor vehicle in the north end of the city and discovered the driver to be under the influence of alcohol and that his ability to operate the vehicle was impaired. The 24 year old male was arrested for this and after breath samples were obtained he was released with a future court date for impaired driving and over the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.


Alarm Call Results in an Arrest

At 5 am on the morning of the 9th June officers were responding to an alarm call of a north end business and observed a male walking about in the area. Upon running his name it was discovered that the 38 year old male from the Pembroke area had a warrant of committal for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to the Brockville Jail as per the order. He had no part in the reason for the alarm activating at the business.