Liberty for Youth

Liberty for Youth Award

Chief Fraser had the honour of receiving the Liberty for Youth Award on behalf of Constable Mark Heffernan on October 19th 2016.  Frederick Dryden and his team attended the Brockville Police Service in order to present the award.  Frederick is on a 21 day Marathon running from Ottawa to Hamilton in order to raise awareness and funds for Liberty for Youth programs.  Please take a moment and watch his video at 

Constable Heffernan was not available for the presentation, however, when contacted by telephone was ecstatic to hear he had been recognized.  “Engaging with our youth is important in every community and we are fortunate to have avenues such as the Hub , Connections and many other programs to bridge the gap.  We share the same vision with Liberty for Youth and challenge you to donate or support a youth engagement initiative.”

We wish Frederick and his team all the best as they continue their journey to Hamilton.  Be safe!