March 15 – 16, 2016 Incidents


On March 15th at 6:07 pm., Brockville Police arrested a woman wanted on a warrant from Gananoque.

The local, 34 year old, was arrested and held in custody until Officers from their Service could attend. Gananoque was holding the female in custody pending a bail hearing.


Breach of Conditions

On March 15th at 6:25 pm., Brockville Police arrested a local woman for breaching conditions of her community sentence.

The 37 year old, was sentenced to house arrest as a result of charges dealt with earlier this year. Police discovered her away from her residence and subsequently arrested the woman and took her into custody. She was held until a bail hearing and faces the possibility of going back into a custodial facility.


Well Being Check

On March 15th at 8:15 pm., Brockville Police received information concerning the mental health of a local, 31 year old male.

Officers interviewed the man and decided to take him to hospital for appropriate attention. The man was later admitted to receive proper care.


Theft from Vehicle

On March 16th at 6:28 am., Brockville Police took a complaint involving theft of change from a vehicle. Sometime overnight, unknown culprit(s) entered the vehicle while it sat parked at a north end residence.

Police remind people to lock their vehicles when unattended and to remove all valuables. If your vehicle was recently entered, Police would like to hear from you. Even if you suffered no loss, it assists investigations when trying to find the responsible parties. Police have had several similar reports to start the week. A spike in this time of crime is associated with higher temperatures each spring.