March 24 – 26, 2018 Incidents


On Friday at 12:00 pm, a 29 year old male was observed by police on King St. The officers had previous information that this male was wanted on outstanding warrants. As they approached the individual to arrest him, he discarded two bags. These bags were recovered by the officers and happened to contain cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. He was subsequently charged for possession of the drugs and held for a bail hearing.



At 3:00 am Saturday morning police were dispatched to a suspicious person call at the Brock St. Tim Horton’s. Officer discovered one of the parties involved was a 26 year old male that we were currently seeking for a warrant of failing to attend court. He was arrested by the officers and held in custody for a bail hearing.



An intoxicated male was not happy with his service at a vending machine located at the Brockville General Hospital early Saturday morning.

When the machine took his $2.00 he proceeded to damage it and then fled on foot after being confronted by security. Police located the male a short distance away and arrested him for the offence of mischief.


Domestic Dispute/assault

There were two domestic incidents Saturday that have led to charges.

The first incident occurred Saturday evening where a female is facing charges of assault.

The second incident took place shortly after and a male is now currently facing charges for mischief as he had kicked in a door to the residence in question.

No further details will be released about the domestic cases.