March 29 – 30, 2017 Incidents

Breach of Bail Conditions

A 20 year old Brockville man was arrested early this morning following a number of domestic related complaints received since Sunday afternoon.

This morning shortly before 1 am Brockville Police received a 911 from a female victim who stated she was at the uptown Quickie and then the line disconnected. Officers then checked both the Ormond Street and Kensington plaza locations for the caller and were unsuccessful in locating her. They continued their search for her eventually locating her vehicle at a north end apartment building she and her boyfriend had been known to frequent. Officers attended inside the building and located the female victim and the 20 year old accused inside the apartment where he was arrested for breaching his bail conditions from his release on Sunday March 26th when he was arrested for domestic assault on the same female.

During that incident, the couple became involved in a verbal argument at the female’s apartment that turned physical resulting in the female victim receiving minor cuts.

As a result the man was conveyed to Brockville Police headquarters where he is held in custody pending a bail hearing on Thursday afternoon.


Domestic Arrest

A 24 year old Brockville man was arrested last evening as a result of a domestic investigation which began Sunday.

Sunday afternoon at approximately 5:30 pm Brockville police received a call from the 22 year old female victim who is also the mother of the couple’s child asking for information from the police regarding family court matters as she felt unsafe. When officers arrived and spoke with the young woman they learned of a series domestic incidents dating back to the late summer when she was pregnant with their child which escalated from verbal to physical.

As a result of the interview officers determined that charges of assault were warranted and made several attempts to locate the accused over the past couple of days before locating him at a north end apartment last evening where he was arrested without incident.