March 4 – 6, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Assault

On February 29th, 2016, Brockville Police began investigating a domestic assault complaint. A local female reported several events that took place between her and her spouse which involved assaults and threats.

Police arrested the local, 52 year old man on the weekend and remanded him into custody for a bail hearing. He faces three counts of assault and two charges of uttering threats. The female received non-life threatening injuries during the assaults. The offences stemmed mainly from incidents in 2015.


Intoxicated Person

On March 4th at 3:36 pm., Brockville Police attended the Brockville Public Library to deal with an intoxicated male.

A local, 56 year old, was spoken to and found heavily under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication. When sober, the male was released with a fine.


Traffic Stop

On March 6th at 3:03 pm., Brockville Police stopped a motor vehicle in the center of the city.

The local, 45 year old, male driver, was found to be a suspended driver. Further investigation revealed the man had been charged 15 times for driving while suspended. A warrant had been issued for his arrest due to his extreme disrespect for previous court imposed suspensions. The man was held in custody for a bail hearing.



On March 6th at 4:04 pm., Brockville Police attended a department store in the center of town for a theft complaint.

Police dealt with a 44 year old female from Quebec. The theft from the store could not be proven, however, she was on three different undertakings for domestic related charges.   One of the conditions of each undertaking was to abstain from the consumption of alcohol. At the time of this offence, she had been drinking heavily. Officers arrested and charged the woman with breaching her undertaking and she was then held in custody for a bail hearing.


Community Service

On March 6th at 7:50 pm. and 9:43 pm., Brockville Police attended separate calls to check on the mental health of people.

A local, 18 year old male and a 41 year old male were taken to hospital after expressing thoughts of self harm. Both men were left in the care of hospital staff.

Officers remained at the hospital for several hours to ensure no further issues with either male.