March 6 – 7, 2017 Incidents

Cops Care for Kids Fundraiser

It was another successful night at Captain George’s for the Brockville Police Association Cop’s Care for Kids Fundraiser. Officers were kept busy for the duration of the event serving tables, and taking orders at a packed Captain George’s.

The Brockville Police officers would again like to thank members of the community who continue to show their generosity by supporting local charity events. The second and final Cops Care for Kids Charity fund raiser will once again be held at Captain George’s next Monday night from 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm and look forward to seeing everyone there.



A 44 year old Gatineau man was arrested yesterday morning around 11:30 am after a brief chase through the Superstore Parking Lot.

The man was observed by store security loading up on merchandise into a plastic shopping bag inside the store. He was observed leaving the store making no attempt to pay for the merchandise, and when security attempted to get him to return to the store a brief chase ensued. Police were notified and already in the area on another matter were able to arrest the man without incident and return him to the store. It was learned during the investigation the man was also on probation at the time.

As a result the man is now facing charges of Theft under $5000 and Breach of Probation and released from custody with a future court date.


RIDE stop

The Brockville Police RIDE program was out Monday evening and stopped 120 vehicles to check on driver’s sobriety. While no alcohol related offences were detected, the RIDE Program once again found 2 drivers in possession of marijuana.

At approximately 11:10 pm last evening the RIDE program was set up at the intersection of Stewart Blvd and Eleanor Street when officers stopped a north bound vehicle. An odour of marijuana was detected inside the vehicle and the 21 year old driver was cooperative with police and turned over the drugs he had in his possession. The driver was released with a warning and the drugs were seized for destruction.

A short time later at the same location police stopped a north bound vehicle with a 19 year old female driver, her 18 year old female and 20 year old male passengers inside. Once again, officers detected an odour of marijuana from inside the vehicle. Again, the occupants of the vehicle were very cooperative with police and the 18 year old female turned over a small quantity of marijuana to police for destruction. All three occupants were cautioned and released from the scene.

Brockville Police are reminding motorists of the dangers of driving while being impaired by drugs. It is an offence under the Criminal Code to be impaired by drugs and operate a motor vehicle and you can be arrested and face criminal charges. The Brockville Police and other police services in Ontario have Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) officers to test and provide expert court testimony on drug impairment and offenders can face the same penalties at court as driver’s impaired by alcohol.


Unwanted Person

A 32 year old Brockville man is facing charges of Uttering Threats and Breach of Probation in relation to an incident early this morning.

Officers were called to a George Street residence at approximately 12:30 this morning after the 31 year old victim was awakened by loud banging at his front door. A verbal altercation occurred at the front door between the two males and police were contacted and attended. Investigation revealed the argument was over a relationship the victim was involved in and officers also learned the 32 year old was also on Probation. At the time of the incident he had also been drinking.

As a result the man was arrested and conveyed to the Brockville Police Station where he was held until he was sober and released with a future court date.