May 1 – 2, 2017 Incidents

Traffic Ticket Scam

Receive a traffic infringement notice in your email inbox? Please ignore it and delete it.

Yesterday the Brockville Police received several reports of the latest email scam to hit the area. Residents are reporting receiving an email from “City Council” stating they have been registered with a traffic infringement and there was some photographic evidence. They provide you with the amount due in the email and instructions on how to pay the fine. In many cases the scammer is looking for close to $900 in payment for the fine.

Police are advising residents not to respond to the email but simply ignore and delete the email. City Council does not email traffic infringement notices to offenders, nor do they have email address of all citizens to be able to do so.


Dangerous Conditions

The Brockville Police are warning city residents of the dangerous water conditions around the streams and creeks within the city.

With the spring run-off and large amounts of rain we have received and in the forecast this week, water levels are higher than normal and currents running much faster. Please stay clear of the streams and creeks and watch for children who may be playing in the area.