May 13 – 14, 2016 Incidents

Public Intoxication

Patrol officers observed a 40 year old female in the downtown area staggering and stumbling at 4:30 in the afternoon on the 13th of May.

Believing that she may have needed medical help they stopped to assist, however she was intoxicated due to the consumption of alcohol and was apprehended to be kept safe until sober. A public intoxication ticket was issued.



A 35 year old female from the Tamworth area was observed in a local department store selecting items and then leaving the store making no effort to pay for them. She entered a waiting motor vehicle and proceeded onto the 401. Officers pulled the car over just east of the city and arrested her for shoplifting. Investigation revealed she had just been charged with theft on the 9th of May in the Kingston area and was released with a future court date. She has been remanded into custody to appear in Brockville court for a bail hearing.


Community Service

A local 55 year old man has been apprehended and taken to hospital for mental health concerns. Police had received a call from his concerned son that his father was in need of help after making threats of suicide. Officers confirmed this and he was transported to local hospital where he is safe and is being treated.


Bear Complaint

On the evening of the 13 May 2016 at 11:00 pm, officers responded to a call of a bear in the residential area of Waverly Drive in Brockville.

Upon officer arrival it was determined that this was the same bear that officers and the Ministry of Natural Resources had attempted to capture and relocate on the 9th of May. Those efforts failed however the animal was believed to have been pushed out of the city to the east where it was believed it had come from.

Officers notified Ministry personnel for assistance however their policy does not permit the tranquilizing of animals at night. The animal was persistent in its desire to travel west, deeper into the city and officers tried to redirect it as they did before in hopes it would be sent out of the city. The animal chose to stand its ground and defend itself and the officers took lethal action which was regrettably successful. It had been hoped that the negative experience the animal had on May 9th would have had a lasting effect and been enough to have an impact on it. It did not. With an animal such as this with its persistence the need to keep our community and our officers safe is paramount.


Domestic Dispute

Officers attended a domestic dispute complaint at 1:30 in the morning on the 14th of May in the west end of the city.

During the investigation the 22 year old female involved in the call began to obstruct officers and when she was arrested resisted arrest. She faces those charges. Her 25 year old partner was currently on a term of probation and while completing the investigation the couple were found to be in possession of marijuana. They both face drug possession charges as well as a breach of probation charge for the male.