May 14 – 16, 2016 Incidents

Unwanted Person

On May 14th at 2:07 pm., Brockville Police attended an unwanted person complaint at a south end apartment complex.

A local, 26 year old male, attended another man’s residence, wanting to confront him over rumours he believed he was spreading. The resident would not open the door and indicated he was calling Police. The suspect threatened to kill him and damaged the door while trying to gain entry. When Police attended the apartment, the male had fled.

A check of his last known residence was a dead end as the male had moved. The accused was located by Kingston Police earlier this morning and is in their custody for now. He faces charges of mischief, utter death threats, breach of a current probation order and breach of release conditions in regards to outstanding charges.



On May 14th at 4:44 pm., Brockville Police attended a north end box store for a theft complaint.

A local, 47 year old man, was caught shoplifting from the store. When arrested by loss prevention staff at the store, he fled and was apprehended after a short foot pursuit. He now faces charges of theft and escaping lawful custody.


Noise Complaint

On May 14th at 9:44 pm., Brockville Police attended a noise complaint at a south end apartment building.

The call turned out to be an argument between a 20 year old male and an 18 year old female. The young woman agreed to attend another residence for the evening. The young man was on probation with a condition not to consume alcohol. He had been drinking when spoken to by Officers. Police issued the man a future court date for breach of probation.


Domestic Dispute

On May 15th at 12:58 am., Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a duplex in the center of the city.

The common law couple had a verbal disagreement that turned physical. A 33 year old man choked his 32 year old partner and then punched her in the head. A child in the residence called 911 at the victim’s request. The man was also on release conditions for drug related charges earlier this year.

Police arrested the accused and he was charged with assault and choking. He was held in custody and awaits a bail hearing.



On May 15th at 2:12 am., Brockville Police attended a fight going on outside a downtown bar.

Three local people, a 24 year old female and two males aged 36 and 37, were all involved in the exchange. All three parties ended up under arrest for being intoxicated in a public place. Their release took place later the same day and each received a fine.


Impaired Driving

On May 15th at 3:11 am., Brockville Police Officers stopped a vehicle on a south end street after witnessing some suspect driving.

The driver, a 29 year old, local female, was arrested for impaired driving. At the station she provided breath samples that registered between one a half and two times the legal limit. A second charge of driving over the legal limit was subsequently laid. Her licence is now suspended for 90 days and the vehicle was impounded. She was released later the same day with a future court date.


Breach of Probation

On May 15th at 8:32 am., Brockville Police dealt with a local couple in the downtown area.

The 37 year old female, was on conditions of probation with one of them being not to associate with the 50 year old man she was found with. She was also serving a sentence in the community for other charges and was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Drug Offences

On May 16th at 4:54 am., Brockville Police dealt with a female in a traffic stop on a north end street.

The 31 year old was found to be in possession of both crystal meth and heroin. The local woman was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. She was released with a future court date.