May 25 – 26, 2017 Incidents


A 23 year old Brockville man is wanted in relation to a couple of threatening incidents yesterday afternoon.

The first incident was reported approximately 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, when Family and Children’s Services contacted the Brockville Police to report the young man had called a worker in their building very upset and was going to force his way in to offices. About fifteen minutes later the accused’s former partner and mother of their children contacted Brockville Police to report she had received a voice mail message from the male threatening her and members of their family.

The accused has been speaking with the police and at present officers are trying to encourage him to turn himself in at the Brockville Police Service.


Domestic Disturbance

A 48 year old Brockville woman is in custody this morning pending a bail hearing this afternoon in relation to a domestic disturbance last evening in an apartment building on Park Street.

At approximately 9:10 last evening Brockville Police received a call from the male resident of the apartment distraught that his former girlfriend had returned to the apartment, and after an argument left south on Park Street with some injuries to her arms.

Police eventually caught up with the girl on King Street and conveyed her to the Brockville General Hospital as a precaution. After speaking with all parties involved, it was learned the injuries were not from the argument with her former boyfriend. Further investigation revealed that woman to be on bail conditions that she is not to attend the Park Street building. As a result when she was released from care at the hospital she was taken into custody for breaching her bail conditions and held for a bail hearing.