May 8 – 9, 2017 Incidents

Motor Vehicle Collisions

The Brockville Police Service was kept busy early yesterday afternoon responding to three motor vehicle collisions between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm throughout the city.

The first collision at 12:40 pm occurred on Parkedale Ave in front of Trillium when a blue Buick Rendez Vous driven by a 68 year old local man struck a grey Chrysler minivan being driven by a 40 year old area woman. There were no injuries and the driver of the Rendez Vous was charged with Carless Driving and given a Provincial Offences notice.

At 1:10 pm police responded to a two vehicle collision on Central Ave at Ormond Street involving a blue Dodge minivan being driven a 58 year old Brockville man and a grey Toyota being driven by a 67 year old woman also from Brockville. The woman was attended to by Leeds and Grenville EMS at the scene after advising officers she had some minor injuries as a result of the collision. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and the Brockville man was charged under the Highway Traffic Act for Failing to Stop for a red light.

A 17 year old Brockville youth is facing charges of Careless Driving in relation to an accident on North Augusta Road and Parkedale Ave yesterday afternoon which resulted in his 16 year old female passenger being transported to Brockville General Hospital by Leeds and Grenville EMS for minor injuries from the air bag being deployed.

At 3:30 pm Brockville Police were called to the intersection for a collision involving a 1995 grey Ford Mustang being driven by the male youth when he struck a 2016 Dodge Ram Pickup truck in the intersection being driven by a 57 year old Bracebridge man. Both vehicles suffered significant damage and resulted in traffic congestion on Parkedale Avenue for some time until vehicles could be moved.


Boating Incident

It appears some are taking advantage of the high water in the area to take part in some addition recreational activities.

Last evening at 6:20 pm Brockville Police were called to the creek area behind the Mill and Metro stores when two adult men decided to take their small motor boat from the Yacht Club and travel a short distance up Buell’s Creek, taking advantage of the high water in the area. Officers were able to locate the boat and its occupants in the area of the Mill and all agreed there are safer areas to take advantage of the boating season and left the area without incident.

Visitors to the waterfront area are reminded that water levels are still very high and will remain so for a few more days at least. Some areas are unsafe and have been barricaded to keep people away. Officers will make periodic checks of the water front areas to ensure the public’s safety. While the safety of all visitors to the water front is the primary concern of officers, police would like to remind persons willfully ignoring the safety barricades they may be subject to fines under the Trespass to Property Act.