News Release July 19 – 24, 2023

Arrest Warrant Executed

On July 23, 2023, at about 9:00AM, an officer from the Brockville Police Service, observed a 35-year-old, male, known to be wanted. The male was known to have a warrant for a charge of failing to comply with probation. This was a breach of a condition to abstain from communicating with a victim from a previous offence. In fact, police had evidence of an additional breach of the condition on a separate day. When the officers located the male in the area of King St. W., they went to place the him under arrest. The male was not cooperative and the subject resisted the arrest. The male was taken to the ground and into custody. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. The male was held in for a bail hearing for the offences of resist arrest and three counts of failing to comply with probation.


Neighbour Dispute Results in Assault Charges

On July 21, 2023, at about 10:45PM, police received a call regarding a two neighbours in an altercation in the area of Glenn Wood Pl. Investigation revealed that during the dispute, one of the neighbours, identified to be a 54-year-old, male, actually entered into the other’s residence. Once he entered, he initiated a fight and assaulted the male resident. The wife of the victim attempted to intervene and she was assaulted as well by the subject grabbing her arm and twisting her wrist. Once the subject learned that the police were notified, he subject fled. On July 22, 2023, at about 10:00PM, police located the subject and placed him under arrest for unlawfully in a dwelling and two counts of assault. He was released on conditions and a future court date. Any injuries are described as non-life-threatening.


Impaired Driving

On July 21, 2023, at about 9:30PM, police received a call of a male appearing to have been in a motor vehicle collision in the area of Clarissa St. Information about the incident was that the subject appeared very intoxicated, there was smoke coming from the vehicle and two tires were flat. Bystanders actually had taken the keys prior to police arrival. Assistance from Brockville Fire Department was requested due to the presence of smoke. When police arrived they discovered that the driver was a 60-year-old, male. He was displaying obvious signs of impairment and was arrested. The smoke was due to the clutch on the vehicle burning and the flat tires were confirmed, however, the cause as to how they flattened was unknown. The arrested driver was taken to the Brockville Police Service for testing by a Drug Recognition Expert. It was confirmed that he was under the influence of drugs. Officers also discovered that the male was in possession of a quantity of fentanyl. The vehicle was towed, driver’s licence was suspended and he was released once sober after being charged with impaired operation by drugs.        



On July 20, 2023, at about 11:00AM, police received a report of a theft from the LCBO on Parkedale Ave. Investigation revealed that a 33-year-old, female, had entered the store and stole $121.35 worth of merchandise. She had left the scene but was identified and an arrest warrant requested. On July 21, 2023, at about 9:15PM, the subject was located and arrested for theft under $5,000.00 and failing to comply with two different probation orders. She was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Suspect of Multiple Thefts Arrested

On July 19th and 21st, 2023, two thefts had taken place at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Parkedale Ave. A 28-year-old, male, was identified as the subject responsible for the thefts. The thefts consisted of approximately $8,000.00 worth of various fragrances being taken. The subject was also on probation with a condition to abstain from attending Shoppers Drug Mart. On July 22, 2023, at about 11:45PM, the subject had returned to Shoppers Drug Mart and was located there and arrested. He was held in custody for two counts of theft under $5,000.00 and fail to comply with probation.