News Release – May 15 – 17, 2024

Male Arrested for Drug Offences

On May 16, 2024, at about 11:15am, officers were investigating a complaint regarding a breach of bail conditions in the area of Crocker Cres. Officers located the vehicle in the area of the Hampton Inn, and noted that there were two males in the vehicle. Officers were investigating a 23-year-old, male and another 22-year-old, male. During the course of being investigated; the males were found to be in possession of open alcohol in the vehicle. The 22-year-old, male locked the doors to the vehicle in an attempt to prevent the officers from further searching. Eventually, officers gained entry to the vehicle and a quantity of cocaine was located which was separated into small packages along with a scale. Both males were arrested. Further investigation revealed that the 23-year-old, male had recently sold cocaine. As a result, the vehicle was towed and both males were charged. The 23-year-old, male was charged with trafficking cocaine, possession of a cocaine for the purposes of trafficking, fail to comply with probation, fail to comply with release order and held for a bail hearing. The 22-year-old, male was charged with possession of a substance for the purpose of trafficking and released with a future court date.    


Arrest Made in Intimate Partner Violence Investigation

On May 15, 2024, at about 3:15pm, police received a complaint from a female victim of domestic assault. Investigation revealed that a 28-year-old, male had assaulted his girlfriend on May 13, 2024. It was learned that the male subject engaged in a dispute with his girlfriend that resulted in him open had striking her at least five times. The dispute continued, now over a pack of cigarettes, where the male shoved the female to the ground and choked her until she was losing consciousness. As this struggle continued the female struck the male in an attempt to break free, and in turn, the male grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her to death. At a later time when safe, she reported the incident to police. The female received non-life-threatening injuries. It should be mentioned that this male subject has been placed on three different probation orders with conditions for separate convictions on offences.

On May 16, 2024, at about 8:00pm, police located the male in the area of Ormond St. He was arrested and charged with four counts of failing to comply with probation, assault, assault with a weapon and overcome resistance by attempting to choke. He was held in custody for a bail hearing.