November 10 – 11, 2020 News Release


A 20 year old Brockville area man was arrested by Leeds OPP for an outstanding warrant and turned over to Brockville Police yesterday afternoon. A warrant had been issued for his arrest in early August when the man failed to comply with his release conditions by contacting his bail supervision program.

He is now facing additional charges for failing to comply with his release order.


Calls regarding homeless persons

Officers responded to three calls for service regarding homeless persons overnight Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday morning just prior to 7am Brockville Police responded to the Dog Park on Broadway Avenue when a caller reported a male and female were found sleeping inside the shed at the park. Officers attended and located the individuals inside the shed, and made several calls on their behalf before the pair left the dog park. There was minor damage to the shed.

At 2:30pm Tuesday police were contacted about a female in the Front Ave area walking up to people and houses in the area asking for money. The woman was described as having long brown hair, believed to be in her late 20’s and carrying bags with her. Officers attended to the area but were unable to locate the woman.

Later Tuesday evening at approximately 10:30pm  officers were contacted and asked to check on a female who the caller believed had spent several nights on a park bench in the Jefferson Drive area. The woman had a cart with her belongings with her was located by officers, in good physical health and did not wish any further assistance from the police.