November 21 – 22, 2015 Incidents

Breach of Probation

On November 20th at 9:01 pm., Brockville Police attended a group home in the south end of the city.

A 20 year old male, who resides in the home, was not within the residence when specified by his probation order.  He was charged with breaching his probation order and given a future court date.  On the 22nd of November, the male was found to be breaching again. This time he was released on stronger conditions which included reporting to the probation office.



On November 21st at 12:20 pm., Brockville Police attended a dispute at a south end apartment complex.

A 20 year old male, threatened his landlord with an expandable baton after a dispute over heating issues within his apartment.  Police arrested and charged the local male with uttering threats and assault with a weapon. He was released on condtions with a future court date.  The landlord, 38 years of age, was not struck during the incident.



On November 22nd at 12:35 pm., Brockville Police responded to an assault complaint in the parking lot of a department store in the center of the city.

A 25 year old, local male, was walking through the lot when he started exchanging words with another male who was sitting in his car.  The male ended up striking the local, 36 year old driver in the face.  The victim then exited his vehicle and a wrestling match ensued.  Police arrested the young male for assault and released him later the same day on conditions.  The 36 year old victim, suffered minor injuries which did not require medical attention.