October 14 – 17, 2016 Incidents


On October 14th at 8:21 am, Brockville Police attended the Kingston Police Service to escort a wanted man back to Brockville.

The 32 year old Kingston resident failed to attend court on August 26th in Brockville. He was arrested and charged with failing to attend court and taken to bail court on Friday afternoon.


Intoxicated at Court

On October 14th at 9:16 am, Brockville Police arrested a local woman at the court house when she showed up for her appearance in an intoxicated state. The 51 year old was breaching her probation order as a result. She was later released with a summons to deal with the new charge.


Neighbour Dispute

On October 14th at 2:51 pm, Brockville Police attended a neighbour dispute in the north end of the city.

A local 57 year old man began throwing tomatoes at his 58 year old neighbour. The neighbour was then subjected to being sprayed with a hose and decided he had enough, contacting Police. Officers arrested the man to prevent a further breach of the peace. He was released later in the day without charges after settling down and being given a warning for his behaviour.



On October 15th at 4:12 pm, Brockville Police attended the Ottawa Police Service to escort a local 35 year old man back to Brockville. The man had been arrested by their Service as a result of a warrant held by us. On September 27th the man failed to attend a court appearance in Brockville, resulting in the issuance of a warrant. He was held in custody and will appear later today in bail court.


Police Assistance

On October 15th at 6:06 pm, Brockville Police assisted the RCMP and Port Authorities in locating a boat at Blockhouse Island.

The operator and passengers of the boat, from New York state, had been reported as possibly impaired and had not reported in when arriving in Canada. Officers located the parties at a King Street West restaurant. Brockville Police provided assistance escorting the individuals to Prescott. At the time of this report, there is no information on the number of people involved, ages etc. The investigation is being conducted by the RCMP and American agencies.



On October 16th at 3:02 am, Brockville Police received information of a garbage can on fire in the area of King Street West and John Street. Officers put the fire out with an onboard fire extinguisher. Police believe the fire was an arson. There are no suspects at this time.


Strange Behaviour

On October 16th at 3:48 pm, Brockville Police attended the area of highway #2 and Lyn Road in regards to a man acting strangely.

A local 37 year old was reported to be running out into traffic. He would not co-operate with Officers on the scene and was very agitated. He was arrested for his own protection, Police were uncertain as to whether he had ingested a drug or not. He was released without charges when his demeanor changed.


Domestic Dispute

On October 16th at 4:14 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end residence.

A local 49 year old man was engaged in a dispute with his commom-law. Their adult daughter was also present. Information provided, described the man outside the residence yelling and also intoxicated. Officers spoke to the parties involved and arrested the man to prevent a further breach of the peace. He was released without charges when sober.


Theft of Wallet

On October 17th at 5:41 am, Brockville Police spoke to a south end resident regarding theft of his wallet. The victim discovered his credit card had already been used at several locations within the city. The investigation is ongoing into a suspect.