October 17, 2016

Mental Health

On October 17th at 10:12 am, Brockville Police received information from the mother of a local 18 year old man regarding his mental health.  She indicated he had texted her, advising he swallowed a quantity of pills.

Officers located the young male on his bike in the area of Ormond Street and Bramshot Avenue.  He was weaving in and out of traffic, trying to elude Police.  He was apprehended in the area of Parkedale Avenue and California Avenue.  An escort was provided to hospital for appropriate care.

There are no charges stemming from the incident.


Impaired Driver on Motorbike

On October 17th at 5:02 pm, Brockville Police stopped two males operating an ATV and a motorbike near the tracks on Perth Street.

The 22 year old operating the ATV was issued warnings under the Highway Traffic Act.  T

he operator of the motorbike, a local 23 year old, was arrested for impaired driving.  He was taken in front of a breath technician and provided two samples of his breath.  Both samples registered readings one and a half times the legal limit.  His licence is now suspended for 90 days and the bike was impounded.  Charges of impaired driving and driving over the legal limit were laid and the accused was released with a future court date.