October 19 – 20, 2015 Incidents

Breaching Conditions

On the 19th and 20th of October, a 25 year old male from the Gananoque area made phone calls and sent text messages to his ex girlfriend in the city of Brockville.

The male was already on release conditions for previous charges against the same woman.  One of those conditions was to have no contact with her in a direct or indirect manner.  Brockville Police began investigating the incident when contacted by the woman.  The male became aware of Police looking to speak with him and turned himself in to the Gananoque Police Service. He was then escorted to Brockville.

A bail hearing will take place later today to determine whether he is released from custody.



On the 20th of October, Brockville Police attended a box store on Parkedale Ave. in regards to a theft complaint.

A local, 26 year old male, was observed stealing electronic type devices from the store and was apprehended.  Police charged the man under the Trespass to Property Act and he was released at the scene. A local, 30 year old female companion of the male, was warned for her involvement.