October 19 – 20, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Assault

On October 19th at 2:21 pm, Brockville Police spoke with a local 79 year old woman after she attended the Service looking for advice.  She was having difficulties with her 82 year old husband and his mental health.  Officers learned she had actually been the victim of domestic violence and was still carrying some bruising as a result.  After speaking with her at length, Officers located the accused and placed him under arrest for assault.  He was released soon after into the care of another family member.  Conditions were placed on the man until his court date in November.


Mental Health

On October 20th at 3:04 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end street after witnesses described a man walking in traffic.

When Officers located the local 48 year old, he was making strange comments and was not dressed for the weather.  Police then learned he was a resident of a city mental health home.  Apprehended for his own safety, he was then placed in the custody of hospital staff for appropriate care.


Utter Threats

On October 20th at 3:29 pm, a local 33 year old woman reported threats made towards her by her ex-spouse.

Police learned the evening prior, the man was on the phone with their young daughter and became upset when the victim would not speak with him as well.  He then threatened to kill the woman via the conversation with the daughter.  Officers contacted the local 32 year old and requested he attend the Police station.  Shortly after 6:00 pm the man arrived, was arrested and charged with uttering a threat and placed in custody.

A bail court appearance will take place.


Break and Enter

On October 21st at 1:27 am, Brockville Police attended a south end residence in regards to a break and enter.

The residents heard a noise and attended an entry door on the south side of the home.  Nothing was noted to be missing but water on the floor showed someone had made it into the residence.  The victims indicated the door was not locked at the time of the offence.

A search of the area was negative for suspects.  The investigation is continuing.


Mental Health

On October 21st at 3:15 am, a local 71 year old woman, attended the Police station to report a group of males broke into her apartment and threatened her with a hammer.  Officers attended her residence with the female and all appeared in order.  It became obvious she was struggling with mental health issues.  She was escorted to hospital and left with medical staff for needed help.


Operation Door Knock

On October 20th, during the early evening hours, Brockville Police attended several homes in the city to ensure compliance with bail conditions.

Operation Door Knock places curfews and house arrest conditions on certain individuals charged with criminal offences.  Two different males were found to be breaching their conditions.  In both cases, the parties did not reside at the address given to the courts.  These investigations are ongoing and charges are likely to follow.