October 28 – 29, 2016 Incidents

Drug Charges

A 22 year old male was detained after the motor vehicle he was driving was stopped during a R.I.D.E. check . An odour of marijuana was coming from the car. During the drug investigation the same male was discovered to be on probation for previous criminal conviction. He was subsequently charged with breaching that probation and being in possession of a controlled substance. He was released with a future court date.



Police were called to a scene after friends of a 31 year old female who was heavily under the influence of alcohol began to speak about being possessed by demons and was acting irrational.   She then resisted arrest when she was taken into custody due to her inability to care for herself. She was released from cells when sober.


Ladies Night Part 1:

A 44 year old female was arrested in the eveing after she was involved in a disturbance that broke out in a bar on King St East. The same female was already observed by officers earlier in the evening at a separate event and believed to have had a significant amount of alcohol consumed. She was held until a sober family member could attend to take care of her.

Ladies Night Part 2:

A 44 year old female was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace at a bar on King St west. She was causing problems with others and attempting to instigate a fight with a male who was in an altercation with her son. She had been consuming but was not intoxicated. It was believed that if was left a further altercation would start. She was arrested and held until after the bars closed and she had calmed down.

“I wasn’t driving”:

While on patrol an officer observed a motor vehicle driving with its interior lights on at night. The officer then observed the vehicle make an unsafe lane change and he stopped it for traffic violations. The officer then observed the driver and passenger switch positions in the car to try and throw the investigation off course. The officer played along but as fate would have it, neither one possessed a drivers licence which neither men knew! The odour of marijuana was coming from the car which made things worse for the pair. Both men were arrested for obstruct police, drug possession and one of the two was on a term of probation for a serious crimeand received a charge of breaching those conditions. Further charges were also issued under the traffic act such as driving with no licence, no insurance and the car was impounded. One male was released on a recognizance while the male on probation was held for a bail hearing. Bail is scheduled for Monday at Brockville Court.