Presentation by MP Michael Barrett

Sergeant Borgford, A/Sgt. Eric Ruigrok, Cst. Ross McCullough, Cst. Dustin Gamble and Cst. Geoff Fearon were recognized today by Member of Parliament Michael Barrett for their life saving efforts.  Mr. Barrett presented the officers with a scroll at the Brockville Police Service.

On October 17th Eric Ruigrok, Ross McCullough, Dustin Gamble and Geoff Fearon responded to a call on the William Street overpass for a suicidal subject.  The officers arrived on scene and observed the 23 year old female sitting on the railing of the over pass with her legs hanging over the edge.  The officers began a dialogue with the female.  Dustin Gamble took over the negotiations as he had developed a rapport with her from previous encounters.  She was convinced to bring one leg back over the railing to safety and the rest of the officers moved in pulling her to safety.

On November 18th Shawn Borgford, Ross McCullough, Dustin Gamble and Geoff Fearon responded to another call for a suicidal male on the William Street overpass.  The police service had received several calls about a male straddling the railing on the overpass threatening suicide.  Ross McCullough was the first officer to arrive on scene and observed the 51 year old male straddling the railing.  An unknown citizen was trying to defuse the situation with the male, but left when police arrived.  McCullough began a conversation with the male and waited for the rest of the shift to arrive to assist.  The responding officers developed a plan.  When the officers were able to safely approach the male without risking any injury to him, they pulled him to safety.

Both subjects were transported to the Brockville General Hospital.  The officers would like to thank the unknown citizen who attempted to intervene in the second incident.  They would also like to thank their dispatchers who played a pivotal role in the incidents: Kendra Adair, Jeff Hepburn, Sophie Turner, Alicia Benson and Cst. Darlene Reilly.