September 1 – 2, 2016 Incidents

Mental Health

On September 1st at 10:15 am, Brockville Police received a request to check on the well-being of a local male.

Officers attended the apartment of the 30 year old to assess his mental health. Officers decided the man was in need of assistance and escorted him to hospital for appropriate care.


Assault Over Monies Owed

On September 1st at 2:47 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end apartment building after an assault complaint.

A local 28 year old man pulled up in front of the building to obtain keys for his new apartment. After exiting the vehicle, he was punched twice in the face by a male standing in front of the building. The two parties had an outstanding dispute about money owed and waiting for payment.

The local 29 year old assailant did not live in the building but was visiting friends. Officers arrested and charged the man with assault.

The victim received minor injuries not requiring medical attention. The accused was released later in the day and placed on conditions.


Theft of Liquor

On September 1st at 7:59 pm, an off duty Officer of the Brockville Police observed two young males concealing liquor on their person while in the LCBO on Parkedale Avenue. The local suspects, aged 17 and 20 years, were both arrested and charged with theft. They received paperwork shortly after and released at the scene with a future fingerprint and court date.


Failure to Report to Police

In June of this year a local 25 year old male was charged with various offences including mischief, utter threats, and failing to attend court. He was released on a recognizance at court with numerous conditions. One of which was to report to the Brockville Police Service once a week. The subject attended for several weeks and then stopped showing up to sign in. A new charge of breaching his recognizance now applies when located by Police.


Mental Health

On September 2nd at 1:46 am, Brockville Police Officers on general patrol observed an elderly female on Courthouse Avenue who appeared disoriented. The local 72 year old informed Officers she was hearing voices and was not taking issued medication. She was escorted to hospital for appropriate treatment.