September 1 – 2, 2018 Incidents

During the previous 24 hour period the Brockville Police Service attended 45 calls for service. The following are some of the calls attended:

Breach Charges

On Friday the 1st of September the Brockville Police received notification from a community partner conducting bail supervisions that a 31 year old female currently out on bail had not shown for a mandatory appointment with the court ordered program. This is a breach of recognizance charge.

On the 2nd of Friday she was spotted by an officer on patrol and recognized. She was arrested and in the process was further found to be in possession of crystal meth and drug paraphernalia.

She was remanded into custody this morning by video court until Tuesday for review of her bail. She is charged with breaching her recognizance of bail and 2 counts of breaching her probation


Shoplifting arrest leads to drug seizure

A north end department store called in to report a female shoplifter currently in the act on the eve of the 1st of September.   An arrest was made and in the process of searching the 37 year old she was found to be in a possession of a variety of substances. 95 grams of cocaine, 10 grams of fentanyl and a small amount methamphetamine were seized. The approximate street value is $13,000.00. She faces 2 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine and fentanyl), possess methamphetamine, 2 counts breach probation and possession of stolen property. The stolen property was also recovered. She was remanded into custody this morning via video court and will appear for a bail review this Wednesday September 5th.


Impaired Driving

As a result of traffic stop conducted in the early hours of the 2nd of September in the downtown area of Brockville a 30 year old man became the subject of an impaired driving investigation. He was arrested for the offence and brought to HQ to submit to breath tests. The qualified technician received readings that were double the allowable limit. He has been released with a future court date. This offence calls for a 7 day seizure of the motor vehicle used and a further 90 day licence suspension.