September 18 – 19, 2017 Incidents

Daytime Break and Enter on Oxford Ave

An Oxford Avenue resident who left her house for a few hours on Monday morning returned to find someone had entered her residence and made off with some jewelry and some loose change.

Yesterday morning just before 11 a.m. the Brockville Police received a call from the victim reporting she had left her house earlier in the morning and locked her doors only to return home to find one of the entrances to her home had some damage. Officers responded and Brockville Police Scenes of Crimes officers photographed the scene and processed the house for forensic evidence.

At the time of the report the victim was still going through her belongings to see if there are items that are missing.


Ringing Cell Phone leads to Breach of Probation Charge

A cell phone ringing in Hardy Park that drew the attention of residents who contacted Brockville Police led to the arrest of a 22 year old Brockville man for breaching his probation order.

Brockville Police responded to a complaint of a cell phone which could be heard ringing in Hardy Park. When officers arrived they found the 22 year old man who was known to officers intoxicated and sitting on a park bench. Further investigation revealed that he was currently subject to a probation order with a condition that he abstains from the consumption of alcohol.

As a result he was placed under arrest for breach of probation and conveyed to the Brockville Police station where he was held overnight until he was sober and release with a future court date to face his new charges.


Big win for Little Brothers and Sister in Baseball Game

It was a big win for the Little Brothers and Sisters last night at the Annual Law Enforcement-Big Brothers Big Sisters baseball game.

The Little Brothers and Sisters went through the complete batting order 3 times in the 3 inning game and blasted the team of law enforcement officers in a fun game at Goldie Christopher Park last night.

The Brockville Police Service would like to thank everyone involved with the game including the staff and volunteers of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Leeds and Grenville and the family of the late Provincial Constable Gary Brewin who started the annual game and who come out every year to support the event. There were lots of smiles and laughs all over the diamond last night and we look forward to next years game.