September 20 – 21, 2018 Incidents

Mischief/bail violations

An intoxicated 27 year old male was arrested yesterday after several complaints that this male was running into traffic on Parkedale Avenue and shouting at drivers. The male was arrested for mischief and breach of his officer in charge undertaking. The male has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Breach of Probation

A 22 year old male was arrested this morning for breaching his probation by contacting the victim named in the probation order. He has been charged and released with a future court date.



A 34 year old male that was involved in domestic assault on September 18th was arrested for the offence yesterday. The male was arrested at his residence when police had attended a residence in relation to the investigation. While on scene officers located a small caliber rifle that was not secured. He has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.

He has been charged with assault and will be facing charges in relation the firearm.


Youth Gangs

Our service is continually working on solutions to youth crime and crime in general. It is not our intention to down play any crime. We are working diligently to combat crime in our community.

I am very aware of a “gang” of youths in our community that have identified themselves as a gang. I refuse to name them as I believe that this would only bolster their image or “street cred.” Yes, this is how gangs are formed and if not targeted then the problem grows. We are working on a solution. I urge input from all members of our community.

I thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying time.