September 23rd, 2015 Incidents


On September 23rd at approximately 2:30 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end department store for a theft complaint.

Two local adults had been apprehended by store security for shoplifting. A 20 year old male and an 18 year old female, both face a future court date after being released by Police at the scene.


Domestic Dispute

On September 23rd at approximately 9:00 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end residence for a domestic dispute.

A local, 19 year old female, returned to her residence along with her 23 year old boyfriend. When they entered the residence, they were greeted by her ex-boyfriend who had forced his way into the house. He then assaulted the boyfriend with a punch to the head and began threatening both parties with a beer bottle. He finally left when requested by the female.  Injuries did not require medical attention.

The male was gone before Police arrival. A warrant will be sought for the 28 year old, local male. Charges being laid include assault with a weapon, assault and mischief.


Domestic Dispute

On September 23rd at approximately 11:40 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end residence.

The 26 year old, female resident was attempting to approach her 22 year old, male partner. When Police attempted to stop her, she resisted and had to be restrained. It was noted she was heavily intoxicated at the time. She was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.

At the Police station she refused to exit the Police vehicle and assaulted officers by kicking them when trying to remove her from the car. She was carried to a cell and held till sober. Conditions were put in place when released and a future court date was issued to face charges of assault Police and resist arrest.