September 26, 2016 Incidents

Stolen Vehicle

On September 26th at 7:11 am, Brockville Police took a complaint of a stolen half ton truck from a residence in the south end of the city.

The 2009, grey, Dodge, went missing sometime overnight. Keys were not in the vehicle. A witness reported seeing the truck while walking the unopened extension of Central Avenue to the west. Officers walked into the trucks location which had been left several kilometers into the wooded area. The vehicle had been torched and was destroyed.

The investigation continues into suspects.



On September 22nd, the Brockville Police reported an attempt fraud involving two non-white males at two different north end retailers. They were observed in a silver Volvo leaving the area after the American Express card they were using had been flagged.

On September 26th, we learned they were actually successful that day at another north end box store. Using a similar card, they obtained two iPads along with 5 gift cards totaling $1250.00.

Police are still investigating these incidents to obtain their identities.


Voice Mail Full

On September 26th at 4:31 pm, Brockville Police received a complaint from one of our local politicians involving nuisance phone calls.

A local 64 year old man well known to area Police, began leaving messages at the office of the victim filling his voice mail space. When located, the man will be warned for his behaviour and issued a trespass letter in regards to the office location.


Missing Child

On September 26th at 6:55 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end residence after a 10 year old girl left home following a dispute with her mother.

Officers began checking with friends of the young female and about a half hour later, located her in a north end apartment building. She indicated being unhappy with discipline that was dished out and left her residence on her bike. Physically she was fine and advice was given.


Domestic Dispute

On September 26th at 9:07 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at an apartment complex on King Street East.

The couple, a 23 year old male and his 21 year old girlfriend, engaged in a verbal dispute that took a turn for the worst. The young woman decided to place his clothing in the cat litter box, he in turn, poured hot candle wax onto her clothes. She then snaps his prescription eye glasses in half and he snaps her Sony headphones in half. They moved on from destruction of property and she punches him in the face which leads to him spitting on her. The woman then throws a glass of water at the male but misses, the glass breaking on the floor. Both parties are in bare feet at the time and each suffer superficial cuts to the bottom of same as a result.

Officers arrested both parties for assault and mischief. They were released on conditions and issued a future court date.