September 28 – 29, 2020 News Release

Domestic Assault

September 28th at 3:10 PM – Officers responded to reports of a domestic dispute taking place on the bike path in the area of St. Paul Street.  The officers located a 28 year old male and a 26 year old female that had been involved in an argument that led to an assault by the male on his partner.  The male was arrested for assault and breach of probation.  He will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges.


September 23rd at 6:00 PM – The owner of a building on King Street West contacted police reporting that he had just observed a male on the building property. The male was observed coming out of the mechanical room and had cut the power to the entire building.  Officers have identified a 28 year old male as the suspect in the matter.  He will be facing a charge of mischief when he is located.

Public intoxication

September 25th at 2:00 PM – Brockville Police received a report of a male that had fallen off his bicycle on the pathway near Westminster School.  Officers located an intoxicated 61 year old male.  The male was arrested for his own safety and held in custody until sober.  He was released with a $55 fine.


September 25th 2:28 PM – A 50 year old male was arrested on King Street West by officers on routine patrol.  The male was subject of an arrest warrant for a breach of probation charge.  The male was arrested without incident and held in custody for a bail hearing.

Impaired by Drug

September 26th at 12:45 AM – an officer on routine patrol conducted a traffic stop on Perth Street.  The 44 year old male driver was found to be impaired by drug.  The male failed a roadside exam and an evaluation by a drug recognition expert.  He was provided with a demand to provide a urine sample to which he refused.  The male has been charged with impaired operation of a conveyance and refusal of a bodily substance.  His licence has been suspended for 90 days and his vehicle impounded for 7 days.  He will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges.


September 27th at 5:33 PM – The Brockville Police Service responded to a complaint of a threat at the Quickie on William Street.  The 31 year old complainant is a correctional officer and was off duty when he was confronted by two males (39 and 36 year of age) at the store.  The males surrounded the victim and threatened him with assault.  Both males were located in the area and arrested.  The 39 year old male was charged with 1) fail to comply with probation 2) threats 3) assault and 4) two counts of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine and fentanyl).  The 36 year old male was charged with 1) four counts of breach of probation 2) threats and 3) assault. 

Both were released from custody and will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges.