September 30 – October 5, 2016 Incidents

Trouble With Son

On September 30th at 1:49 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end apartment complex after several 911 calls about an unknown disturbance.

Officers learned a local 18 year old male was locked out of the apartment he shared with his mother. She no longer wished for him to reside there due to behavioural issues. The young man broke the living room window to gain entry. He was arrested and charged with mischief as well as breaching his current probation order. Shortly afterwards, the accused was released on conditions and a different address.


Drunk and Unwanted

On September 30th at 2:49 pm, Brockville Police attended an apartment on King Street West in regards to an unwanted person.

A local 61 year old male, asked Police to remove his 62 year old buddy from his residence after their conversation turned sour. The other male would not leave when requested and was noted to be heavily intoxicated. Officers arrested the man to prevent a further breach of the peace. He was released without charges when sober.


Public Intoxication

On September 30th at 7:06 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end box store after reports of a man walking around drinking beer in the business. Officers located the local 42 year old shortly before his arrest for public intoxication. He was released with a fine when sober.


Domestic Dispute

On September 30th at 10:14 pm, Brockville Police received information of a domestic dispute taking place in a north end complex.

Officers spoke to a local 38 year old man who had been drinking and was not getting along with his girlfriend. He was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace and released without charges when sober.


Mistreatment of Pet Leads to Charges

On October 1st at 1:00 am, Brockville Police approached a man outside a King Street East bar.

Officers witnessed the local 50 year old being refused entry to the establishment by staff. He then began tossing a dog into the air and handing the animal around to others in the area while holding it upside down.

When spoken to by Police, it was discovered the man was under release conditions, which included no consumption of alcohol.  These conditions stemmed from domestic assault charges in the Hamilton area. They also hold a warrant for the man after he failed to show up for court. He was arrested and charged with breaching his undertaking by drinking.

On route to the station, he threatened to smash the escorting Officers teeth in and minutes later spit at the same Officer from his cell. The man will appear in bail court and faces additional charges of uttering threats and assault Police. Even if free to go on local charges, Hamilton Officers will be ready to escort the accused back to their jurisdiction to deal with charges there.


Assist Ambulance

On October 1st at 2:09 am, Brockville Police attended the King Street West area after a local male took off from ambulance staff.

The 17 year old had called for help due to cutting his finger and was bandaged up. He indicated he needed to get to his girlfriend’s house and fled on foot. Police attended the area and located him after searching for several minutes.

At that time, he was arrested and charged with public intoxication. Once back at the station, the youth removed his dressing and smeared his blood from ceiling to floor. The cell was useless for housing prisoners until staff attended the station to sanitize the area. The young man was released when sober and charged with mischief.


Impaired Driver

On October 1st at 4:13 am, Brockville Police stopped a motor vehicle in the south/west portion of the city.

The local, 31 year old, male driver was arrested for impaired driving. Samples of his breath registered more than double the legal limit. His local, 32 year old, male passenger was causing problems for Police during the traffic stop. He was arrested as well for public intoxication and released when sober with a fine.

The driver was charged with operating a motor vehicle while impaired, over the legal limit and breaching his probation order.


Break and Enter

On October 1st at 7:58 am, Brockville Police attended a north end apartment complex in regards to a break and enter.

Sometime between midnight and 7 am, an insecure window was entered on the ground floor unit and different items removed.

The investigation is ongoing.


Dog Killed in Attack

On October 1st at 4:44 pm, Brockville Police responded to a dog attack complaint at a south end residence.

A dog entered a neighbour’s yard and began attacking their dog. The owner of the aggressor, along with a male friend of his, attended to try and pull the animals apart. They were not having much success and the friend pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog several times to try and stop the fight. Still having no luck, the friend finally destroyed the animal by striking it in the head with a blunt object.

The neighbour’s pet was taken to an animal hospital for treatment of its injuries.


Domestic Dispute

On October 2nd at 3:01 am, Brockville Police attended a south end residence after a report of an intoxicated man outside the home.

Officers spoke to a local 51 year old man, who indicated he was looking for his dog. He had blood on his hands and his story didn’t line up. Officers entered the home and spoke to his spouse. She indicated there had been a verbal dispute between the two and her husband had cut his hand after striking a drinking glass. Police arrested the intoxicated man to avoid a further breach of the peace. He was released without charges when sober.


Man with Drugs Draws Attention

On October 2nd at 6:20 am, Brockville Police attended the pathway between St. Paul Street and Henry Street after a complaint of a man yelling and sounding an air horn.

As Officers were walking the path they discovered a 24 year old male from the Ottawa area who was standing in the bushes. It appeared he was just pulling up his pants and there were several pair of women’s underwear on the ground at his feet. He was found in possession of numerous other pairs of women’s underwear and bras.

After questioning, the man admitted they were his and indicated an obsession for same. The Ottawa Police Service had charged the subject in August of this year with numerous criminal offences including drug charges. One of the conditions of his release there involved not possessing any unlawful substances. Brockville Police searched a back pack carried by the accused and discovered varied amounts of mushrooms, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and speed. Scales and other drug paraphernalia were seized also. The young man was arrested and charged with breaching his release conditions as well as possession of a drug for the purposes of trafficking.

He was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Male Uncooperative in Domestic Dispute

On October 3rd at 3:14 am, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end apartment building.

Officers could hear a woman screaming from street level and attended the unit in question. A male voice told them they could not come in. Police obtained a key and gained entry after some effort. The male had tied off the knob of the door with a cable. At one point the subject tried to exit a rear fire escape but observed an Officer behind the building and re-entered the apartment.

Police spoke with the woman involved and she indicated the dispute was verbal in nature. The male, a local 24 year old, was arrested for obstructing Police. He was held for a bail hearing.

Of note, he had been placed on probation in September of 2014 for attempt robbery.  In August of this year, he was charged with obstructing a Police Officer and breaching an undertaking.


Missing Person

Tyler Kerr, 30 years of age, is missing and believed to be in the Ottawa area. Police are concerned and wanting to make sure the male is alright.


Break and Enter

Overnight, on October 4th, police responded to an address in the south end of Brockville in regards to the home owner hearing his front door open and close. Entry was not gained and nothing taken.

Police also responded later to a Break and Enter in the center area of Brockville. Homeowner woke up and noticed that her purse was missing. Entry was gained thru a sliding window in the basement. Purse and wallet were taken.

Police are encouraging residents to keep doors locked and report any suspicious activity.


Outstanding Crimes Solved

On September 28th the Brockville Police reported a mischief to a bar on King Street East during overnight hours. A front window had been smashed out of the business. On that same date, we took a report of a vacant property, which was under renovation,

suffering mischief. The front door had been tore of the residence in the south end of the city. We then attended a south end business for a mischief complaint. A cement block had been thrown through the front door glass. In the afternoon of the 28th, Brockville Police took a theft from vehicle complaint in the south end of the city. Loose change had been stolen and the vehicle was ransacked.

On October 4th, at approximately 4:30 pm, Brockville Police completed an investigation into these incidents. A local 21 year old male has been arrested and charged as the responsible party in all the above mentioned crimes. Charges of mischief (3 counts), break and enter and theft have been laid. The young man was released with a future court date and given some conditions to abide by.


Mental Health

On October 4th at 9:19 pm, Brockville Police attended a south end residence for a noise complaint.

A local 51 year old woman informed Officers that people on the street began yelling at her through a window. After conversing with her, Police felt her complaint was unfounded and she was having some mental health difficulties. She was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and escorted to hospital for appropriate care.


Three Day Suspension

On October 5th at 12:15 am, Brockville Police attended the north end of Perth Street in regards to a vehicle idling on the shoulder of the roadway.

Officers spoke to a local 56 year old man who they noted had been consuming alcohol. A demand was given for a sample of his breath into a roadside screening device. The sample registered a “warn”, indicating a blood alcohol level over .05% but under the impaired driving limit. His licence was suspended for 72 hours and the vehicle was towed.


Assisting Ottawa Police

On October 5th at 9:20 am, Brockville Police Officers assisted the ROPE Unit (Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement) of the OPP.

They arrested a local 53 year old male wanted in the Ottawa area for domestic related charges. Officers attended a north end apartment complex to make the arrest, completed without incident. The man was held in custody at our Service until Ottawa Officers arrived to complete the escort back to their city.


Suicide Threat

On October 5th at 11:31 am, Brockville Police attended one of our high schools after a local18 year old indicated he wanted to take his life. Officers apprehended the young man under the Mental Health Act and escorted him to hospital. He was left in the care of medical staff to obtain the proper care.



On October 5th at 2:54 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end grocery store to deal with a shoplifter.

A local 55 year old man loaded a cart with almost $800.00 worth of goods and exited the store making no attempt to pay. Store security apprehended the subject and called Police. Officers arrested the male for theft and released him with a future court and fingerprint date.


Vehicle Seized For Stunt Driving

On October 5th at 5:59 pm, Brockville Police stopped a vehicle on the 401 after a reading of 151 km/hr captured on radar. The 50 year old, male driver, resides in the Gatineau area. He was charged with stunt driving and his vehicle was seized for 7 days. A court date was issued to deal with the offence.


Medical Concern

On October 5th at 8:06 pm, Brockville Police attended the Brockville General Hospital to assist in locating a female patient.

The local 50 year old left the facility before blood work came back indicating a concern for her well being. Officers located the woman in the south end of the city and returned her to medical staff for appropriate care.


Bail Violation

On October 5th at 8:43 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end apartment complex to follow up an investigation.

A local 18 year old male not involved in their purpose at the building was spoken to about his identity. Officers learned the male was on release conditions for a mischief charge, with a condition forbidding him from attending the complex. The young man was arrested for breaching his release document and held in custody for a bail hearing.


Family Dispute

On October 5th at 11:18 pm, Brockville Police attended an apartment building in the center of the city for a family dispute. Two brothers, 21 and 19 years of age, both consuming alcohol, engaged in a verbal dispute.

Officers discovered the older one was wanted for failing to attend court for outstanding charges. He was arrested as a result. The younger brother had left the apartment but returned in time to see his sibling in the rear of a cruiser. The dispute now forgotten, the 19 year old began causing problems for Police. He was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place.

In the morning, the 21 year old was released on new paperwork and given a future court date. The 19 year old was issued a fine and they walked away together again.