September 4 – 5, 2018 Incidents


Please be on the lookout and protect yourselves as there is a new scam that has been occurring in our area.

The suspect(s) described as 40s, male, south Asian approach the victims in parking lots as they leave a store. They tell the victim that they had just dropped some money and show them some cash. As the victim checks their wallet the suspect removes either a debit card or credit card. They likely watch the victim key in their pin numbers at the store prior to approaching them. The suspects then proceed to empty the victim’s accounts.

Please protect your pin numbers and contact our service if you see any suspicious activity.



A 36 year old male was arrested yesterday at 10:30 am after the complainant observed a male in their vehicle which was parked on Wall Street. The suspect was observed sitting in the vehicle going through its contents. Police attended the scene and arrested the male who was also in possession of a prohibited weapon (knife that could be opened with the flick of a wrist). He was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, breach of probation, theft and possession of methamphetamine. He was held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Impaired Driving

On the 4th of September at 9:21 pm, police received information of a possible impaired driver traveling into Brockville. The 66 year old driver had been observed pumping gas being described as very unsteady on his feet. Officers located the male in the vehicle on Brock St. The male failed a road side screening device and was transported to the station in order to provide samples of his breath into an approved instrument. The male subsequently refused to provide a sample. He has been charged with failing to provide a sample of his breath, his licence suspended 90 days and his vehicle impounded for 7 days.



A 30 year old female was arrested today for an assault that occurred at Broad St. Billiards over the weekend. The victim was assaulted by the accused after an argument about the accused’s boyfriend. The accused was arrested today without incident and released with a future court date.


School Bus Safety

We are into the second day of the school year and a local driver will be facing a charge of “failing to stop for school bus”. The incident occurred on Park St. and was reported to police after the fact.

The driver or owner of a motor vehicle can be charged for failing to stop for a school bus. Upon conviction, defendants could face a $400 fine. Please drive with caution.

Officers have been out conducting enforcement in school zones this week. Today 10 charges have been laid in a community safety zone by one of our local schools.