September 6, 2016 Incidents

Bail Violation

On September 6th at 1:25 pm, Brockville Police began investigating a potential breach of release conditions.

A local female indicated her ex-boyfriend approached her in a south end park and wanted to speak with her. He had a beer in his hand at the time. On August 6th, Police had charged her ex with uttering threats, unlawfully in a dwelling and several breaches in relation to her. He was released at court on numerous conditions which included, no contact with her and no consumption of alcohol.

Officers are looking to speak with the local 44 year old in relation to the incident.


Secret Shopper Fraud

On September 6th at 6:10 pm, Brockville Police received another on-line fraud complaint in regards to the secret shopper scam.

A local 19 year old male cashed a cheque he received in the mail for several thousand dollars. The cheque was returned as fraudulent.

Once again, the Brockville Police advise people not to get involved in these on-line shopping offers. The person who cashes the fraudulent cheque ends up on the hook for monies spent before being advised the cheque is of no value. This complaint also shows there is no particular age group being targeted. Any member of our Community can be victimized and we stress that people not engage in these offers.